Sunday, April 18, 2010


date:14 April 2010
venue:student lounge,unirazak


maple syrup

muslin cloth


starter yogurt

ritz cracker

strawberry/kiwi/blueberry filling

2 mixing bowl

1st.mix the yogurt with maple syrup to enhanced the smell of the product

stir until well the other bowl,put themuslin cloth covered it

the,add yogurt mixture on it

3.Then,hang up the muslin cloth to filtered the yogurt from yogurt water

4.Tie the muslin cloth with string than hang the mixture for about 3 days

in chiller.

After 3 days the cheese is ready to serve with any crackers

1.Spread the cheese on crackers well

2.To make the cheese more attractful,decorate it with any filling.

-taste of the product are more towards to the taste of the crackers.

-the cheese need to filtered well until no moisture at all

-moisture of the cheese contribute the bad effect to the crackers

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